Buying A Business

Buying a business can be a quite daunting process – we can support you throughout the whole process.

Business Acquisition

Our acquisition service includes:

Many businesses grow through acquisition, especially those that operate in a saturated market. A competitive advantage can be gained over competitors as well as increasing the overall value of your business through the right acquisition.

Although buying a business can be quite daunting, from identifying a company to closing the deal, Industrial M&A Ltd can support you throughout the whole process.

The key to success is finding the right business or businesses. Often, multiple companies will be identified as investable, and it is normally advantageous to progress with the purchase of two or more targeted companies simultaneously. This will allow comparisons (value for money) to be evaluated between companies.

Non-Executive Directorship

We can provide a Non-Executive Directorship for those companies in the process of selling or buying a business.

Looking to sell? We have a proven track record in increasing the profitability of companies to ensure the best sale price is achieved.

Looking to buy? Whether it is a private, corporate, VC or PE-backed deal, we can protect your investment and advise your executive team on how best to grow the business.

“As an M&A advisor, IMA ran an excellent process which kept the deal in tracking and everyone working to the common goal of a successful completion. As always M&A is a challenging process, but with IMA’s guidance a great deal was delivered for all.”

Business Owner

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